Xylophone SP-6 - 3 oct.

Xylophone SP – 6 oct.

  • Keyboard: Padouk
  • Bar width: 48 mm
  • Range: C5 – C8
  • Tuning: A = 442 Hz
  • Length: 166 cm
  • Low end: 78 cm
  • High End: 50 cm
  • Height: Verstelbaar 70-100 cm

Create a captivating musical experience

Your musical ideas are provided to your publication with purity and precision, thanks to the industry-leading Soft Play tuning method

Innovative tuning technique allows the company to tune overtones with incredible precision across the entire keyboard range. This, combined with the construction of the frame and the rigidity of the material can give the most accurate and dynamic marimba sound.

Each marimba produced by “Soft Play” has a class-leading keyboard made of high quality “Paduk” wood tuned with new tuning technology.

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